Monday, August 27, 2012

Base Camp for GPS Hiker 登山客之家

GPS Hiker

Current Release: v3.5.2 (2/23/2016)

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As is recently acquired by, the integration in GPS Hiker will no longer work. The integration will be removed in the next release. All the remaining features work well without problem. Also the MapQuest map source will also be removed as it is not longer supported by them. For more details.


最新版本: v3.5.2 (2016/2/23)



問題回報 / 留言

由於everytrail.com已被alltrail.com併購, 登山客將在下一版本移除與everytrail.com相關的功能, 登山客其它功能均可正常使用. 另外由於MapQuest已不再支援其圖資, 與其相關整合也會移除.